Scamming the taxi drivers.

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Reports are coming in, of new scam aimed at Taxi Drivers.

Basically a phone call is made to several taxi drivers personal mobile phones.

On answering these calls, the drivers are informed they are being contacted by the Garda Carriage Office.

They are then told that their SPSV LICENCE is being suspended, due to reports of illegal activities by the said driver.

They are then directed to press the number 1 on the key pad, further to arrangements regarding the lifting of this suspension.


Neatly Unmasked Pizzaioli – beside that View so Fair! Episode 1.

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A person, while standing in a certain pizza establishment, awaiting a take-away pizza. After having strolled around the nearby waterside park, with a view so fair of nearby Dublin Bay. Reports observing the following interaction between two of the pizzaioli, preparing pizzas, for the establishment’s customers.

While both of these individuals were wearing facemasks; One of them says to the other “You are wearing my mask!”. “How do know this is your mask?”, asks the other person. The first one replies, “Mine is the bigger one, this one is too small for me, it’s yours!”.

Then both pizzaioli remove the face-mask they are wearing. Each takes the mask the other one was wearing. Both then handling them with their bare hands to smooth them out; As if, this supposedly, would, magically remove the germs and bacteria, along with the saliva or spittle, etc., that would have been oozing from the mouth, nose, lips and the breath of the other pizzaioli unto the mask, before then placing that mask on their own face.

Now, laughing and joking together about, how hilariously funny, they found their actions to be. They then, each return directly to preparing customers pizzas; With the unwashed bare hands, with which they had handled each others masks! It puts a whole new, and neat meaning to the expression ” Finger licking good pizza”.

Somewhat less than that “neat” on the food hygiene scoreboard, or indeed the required Covid-19 precautions, in using and handling face masks. Now, does not the employer or their employees, provide an adequate number of spare masks (and training even) to ensure proper solutions to such situations?

Also, considering all of this misconduct, took place in the full view of the many customers in the establishment’s premises, and with a total indifference to their presence (the customers); So, what else might be seen, through the glass darkly, lurking in the pantry? Now that’s certainly some food for thoughts!


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Having read an article in The Irish Times, by Sorcha Pollak. On Friday, April 16,2021. In which she recounts the experience of a Chinese couple, Fengzhe Qiu and his partner Lijing Peng. Who, when having made their application for their naturalisation, in the Irish language; Only to have their forms returned to them, with orders to re-apply, IN ENGLISH ONLY!

streetdogs the word on the street, was therefore not surprised, when one of our regular readers related to us, this little story of the following situation, which they, themselves had experienced very recently.

This said reader, applied for a position with a certain catering enterprise, operating in a number of Dublin locations. Naturally of course, our reader was requested to complete a standard job application form, by the interviewer.

First item asked: Applicants First name. Second item asked: Applicants last name. Third item asked: APPLICANTS ENGLISH NAME!

Our reader, being a person with an Irish language name, inquired of the interviewer, as to what was this question doing there on this application form; And were they expected to use an English form of their correct name, while working with this company? The response given by the interviewer was “Oh, that doesn’t apply to you, it’s for the likes of Chinese people! We have a Chinese person working for us, who has a Chinese name, but that person has to use the English name we use with them!”.

A seriously big question is, leaving all other things and aspects aside; Is this question even legally permitted in this State? As our reader pointed out; If they were stopped at a Garda traffic check point, and were asked to produce their driving licence, That said Garda, could not, by the laws of the State, demand our reader to give an English language name, instead of the Irish language name on our readers licence!

One has to ask, should not the WRC, investigate this under, The Employments Equality Acts (EEA) 1998 -2004. and The Equal Status Acts 2000 – 2004. And perhaps also by some other legal authority?

A Sunday morning reflection; The simple button!

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People were wearing buttons on their garments for thousands of years, before some bright spark, developed the idea of the button-hole in such garments.

Consider, the multiple facets of conceptional thoughts needed to bring into being, previously non-existent articles, Needle and thread, and the button-hole, with no example existing in nature to copy or make adjustment of; Unlike the adapting of the wheel and fire from existing natural examples in nature.

What under-appreciated mind was at work, all the way back then! if you were to sit down now, with all the advantages of modern technical knowledge at your beck and call, how well do you think you would do at bring this project to fruition, from start to finish


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As forced we all are, into a total revision of what the pending normalities of our own lives and the lives of others, are to be; As also to what so many other various groups and societies believe their future normalities are to be.

It’s somewhat sobering to consider the many changes brought about in the world wide efforts to contain and combat Covid-19 and it’s awful consequences for individuals and society.

Seeing Capitalist societies applying socialist polices to avoid social and economic unrest. Reaching out to provide vaccinations to the homeless on a national scale. Curtailing private property rights to prevent evictions. Providing the basis of a national minimum income. Commandeering Private Property, Hospitals, Hotels etc (albeit with adequate and lucrative compensation at the tax payers expense).

People, governments and businesses, changing, adjusting and adapting work places and methods at an unforeseen pace, even where such changes were anticipated as being due to happen in the long run.

All of this begs the question; Why did it have to take a plague, to bring these such beneficial changes about? Would the answer be in the self severing interest of certain individuals, groups and societies? And of course, this proves the saying, were there’s a will, there’s away. So is anyone pondering what next could be totally changed throughout our society?

Reflections during Covid-19 hermitage, Of a life once lived.

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One thing Covid-19 has done for many people, because of the many forms of social distancing required; is to have created the space to reflect on our past lives and the people we once knew.

For some this, distancing from the “normal world” allows us to see our own and other peoples situations and actions in many different ways, than previously. Sometimes we end up understanding that we may have, without an intention to do so, been unkind or hurtful to others; By the thoughtless words or actions.

Here in this Covid-19, imposed tranquillity , as we stand and having the time to look at ourselves in the mirror. And like many a hermit of the past, find ourselves humbled by the ignorance of our past offence caused to others.


Question for pepsi-caller Nancy. Is Martyrdom, not an act of self-sacrifice for a “Cause”?

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Does, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, truly believe that, George Floyd(R.I.P.), wrapped the Stars And Stripes around his body; When he left home, the day that he met his untimely death. Doing so, to “deliberately sacrifice himself as a martyr” in the name of all the victims of American Police violence and killings. What a cynical use of a tragic victim’s death, by said, pepsi-caller Nancy, for political media coverage.

If, dear readers, you are wondering why the deafening silence here at, streetdogs the word on the street? Know that all is well. We are just struggling to be RTE’s 2021 Short Story Writers winning entry. Words don’t come easy to me, as you all know!


Surly one of the greatest aids to community spread of Covid-19, is for people, teachers, children and others, to enter a taxi with no protective screen? With a driver who has been neither tested or vaccinated. Who eats and smokes inside their taxi between fares. A driver who does not restrict the number of passengers they carry, in order to maintain social distance requirements, and who is legally obliged to handle and load passengers bags etc into their taxi!

One would have thought that that all taxi drivers would be as much a priority for the top of the vaccine list as much as as any teacher, they (the taxi drivers), being very much front-line workers and potential transporters.