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I just discovered two Inktober drawings that I forgot to post. This one is titled Husky. I love how it turned out. I´m still a dog person. What could they be looking at though?

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Writing in the Evening Herald, Opinion. Andrew Lynch, comments, “Five reasons why Leo deserves another go  – and five he doesn’t”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The fifth reason stated by Andrew Lynch, that he (Leo) doesn’t, is that “Nine Years is long enough for any party.” Andrew Lynch’s principle given reason for this is, as he puts it, “After almost a decade in power, Fine Gael is beginning to look out of touch.”

Now, the word on the street has previously propositioned the notion. That political representative, such as TDs, Local Councillors, Senators, etc. Should be constitutionally restricted to nothing more than two consecutive terms of office, or participation as candidates in two successive elections. Based on somewhat similar sentiments expressed in Andrew Lynch’s comments on a seemingly out of touch party.



First, let us say, the word on the street, are no ardent admires of the British Royal Family or of any given member of that institution.

Now in respect of the Harry and Megan “Megexit saga” one is given to thinking that there is a lot of double standards and hypocrisy being spewed by members of the “Royal”  establishment and the media and other commentators.

Yes. The planned UDI announced by the couple may not be perfect in every detail, and yes they may be speaking out of both sides of their own mouths in regards to being fully independent in the initial stages of their journey along the Yellow Brick Road. However, has not many a son, leaving the family home, assured his doting mother, we will always be there for you, by the way, can you give us a hand with the deposit? Sure you can come to visit the children anytime (but do phone first).

Double standards. The Royals collectively and with all their multiple hangers-on of various ranks and status, occupations and media commentators,  who were only too delighted when Harry went and got himself  “a cool chick”. A young, non-national, with a successful self-made presence on the international stage (so to speak), a non-caucasian, photogenic lady. Which of course was and is seen as an excellent aid to the Royal Family’s and it’s,  the establishment efforts to have a public image of being “Modern, inclusive, progressive and moving with the times”!

And what has the action, comments and conduct of members of the Royal Family, the establishment, the Media, commentators and Royal followers actually demonstrated?  That far from being modern, progressive, liberal, up to date in their thinking, behaviour attitudes and beliefs, but rather that they are still stuck in an elitist believe in their right to own and control other people, and especially so of women!

Did they think, that a vibrant, highly motivated, successful, 38-year-old woman, who has overcome many obstacles and hurdles to have achieved for herself so much, would indeed be going to sit by the turf fire and stir the soup for her mother-in-law’s family? And what of Harry himself? Is he not being true to his marriage vows to honour and respect his bride, and doing so as a modern man, In a partnership of equals? Lead on McDuff!!!


The glorious 12th. Mary Lou McDonald’s drumbeat hits the right chord. So what about the RIC farce? Might she give some people the same kind of advice?

Hugh O’Connell, Political Correspondent,  reports in the Irish Independent, today, Thursday, 09, inst. That prior to the current controversy over the now postponed commemoration of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police, and Sinn Féin and others calling for it to be cancelled.

Speaking in respect of an all Island celebration of the 12th July, Battle of the Boyne,1690. Mary Lou McDonald is quoted as saying, I will tell you how we do it, we do it by having them (Unionists) front and centre in the conversation and asking them.

Pity, some people involved in the RIC controversy, did not bring all stakeholders of that issue, front and centre and ask them?  Also, the RIC was a 32 county all Island organisation, who’s membership spanned several cultural, political and religious divides!   So why is it appropriate that any commemoration of the RIC, is simply and solely the exclusive propriety of the State, the establishment of which that organisation opposed?

And by the way for the benefit of certain commentators, of all hues, we all understand      ( at least most of us do) that many Individuals in the RIC, as in many castigated organisations, were ordinary and principled human beings, regardless of the nature and conduct of the organisation in which they operated on a daily basis. That it seems needs to be said, but it’s somewhat stating the obvious.

Micheál Martin correctly scorns the Government’s RIC plans. But it’s OK for Fianna Fáil’s, newly elected, Wexford TD, Malcolm Byrne, from Gorey to talk of permanently marking the Glorious 12th. with a Public Holiday, and rejoining the Commonwealth, and quoting the late, Albert Reynolds, as proposing 30% (yes 30%) of Dáil seats, “PERMANENTLY RESERVED FOR UNIONIST.”

Now we all know that for a newly unified Ireland of all 32 counties to work, there is going to have to be a lot of difficult adjustments to be engaged in by all parties involved and concerned. And to accommodate the many different aspects of other peoples, cultural backgrounds, beliefs and political and social desires and objectives. It’s going to be painful for many people.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.   As the government found out with it’s rightly cancelled plans for a ceremony for the commemoration of the RIC. An  Armed Police Force, universally associated with the task of suppressing the Irish people’s desire and ambition for a free, fully Democratic State.  With most particular revulsion of their participation in this suppression with the demonic acts of the “Black and Tans.                One has to ask, does, Malcolm Byrne, FF’s Wexford TD, honestly believe that the motivations and beliefs behind loyalists and unionists celebrations of the Glorious 12th are those of equality and democracy for all? And that the particular events that are celebrated had nothing to do with the indifference to sufferings of the Irish people during the subsequent great hunger that was the potatoes blight, referred to as “The  Great Famine” but in fact, was an act of indifferent genocide. Apparently, he does,  as he is quoted as having said, Irish people, need to create an understanding of that period, in both Irish and European history! Really, does Malcolm Byrne, TD. know exactly on what basis William, Prince of Orange was selected and invited to take the Crown from his uncle,  James 11 and V11,  on behalf of his, (James) daughter Mary 11, as William 111?                                                                                                                                                              Equally, by what interpretation and definition of a Parliamentary  Democracy do one particular section of society get to permanently have a de jure right to a 30%  of parliamentary representation?  Also, how would our newest members of Irish society feel about such an indifference to their ethnic and cultural backgrounds when a 30% de jure, allocation of public representatives for one group, reduces their opportunities for their representation, is every minority, religious, ethnic and social grouping,  going to be accorded a de jure percentage portion of public representation, how about Local authorities, will the same rule apply?                                                                                                                            Somewhat strange that a person who one day may lead a new Unified Ireland has nothing to say about his party member’s ideas on what is an acceptable range of concessions to the objective of that principle of unity that his party member has voiced.


If things were not so dangerous with the goings-on in various parts of the Middle East. Watching the news stations, especially Sky News and different American News stations. A person could be forgiven for believing that what they are watching is a bizarre version of “THE TOM AND JERRY SHOW” with Iran, as Jerry and President Trump, as Tom and President Putin, the bulldog, and the householders, as the UN Security Council!

And as we all know, in the said carton show, Tom can be squeezed through a mangle like a bedsheet and Jerry can be run over by a steam roller, the bulldog can be choked full of the garbage can content, but sure folks, it just funs no harm done, everyone is back to normal at the end of the show. But maybe, just maybe it’s actually  “The Top Cat Show”, President Trump is taking inspiration from!!!

Holiday Exercise — Melanie Franz

I just found this drawing in my sketchbook. I actually did it just before Christmas but then we escaped to the countryside and I forgot all about it. It´s like flying into the new year. So far so good. It is nice to be warm and cosy at home while a winter storm is raging […]

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