Barry Cowan, Public expenditure spokesperson says, Let them eat cake! Sort of like you know who!

Apparently, according to Hugh O’Connell, Political Correspondent writing in the Irish Independent, there is a bit of a civil war taking place within the Fianna Fáil Party top dogs over the forthcoming Budget and the impact of Brexit on the Irish Economy. Hence we are told Social Protection spokesperson, Willie O’Dea states he would be “robustly” arguing for the same 5euro per week increase in welfare payments.

However, Barry Cowan Public expenditure spokesperson states “The least of our worries would be pensions” well of course if a person is a Senator. a TD, a Minister, a City Mayor, Local Councillor or Senior Civil Servant the least of your worries would indeed be your gold plated pension!! Hilariously in the same statement, our hero says that in “the potential for Armageddon is far too severe and it will be all hands on deck,  we must be focused on those areas  that are most vulnerable”

Exactly who does Barry Cowan think it is that are going to be the very first victims of the Armageddon, he envisions befalling the Irish economy and society, perhaps the Primates in Dublin Zoo?



Be afraid, really afraid, the Human/Monkey creature is coming.

You may have thought Frankenstein’s creature was something to laugh at but did you know, a Spanish Scientist, Professor Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte, claims to have successfully created a Human/Monkey Chimeras Embryo, a Chimeras is a single organism that has cells from different diverse organisms. in this case a monkey and a human. The professor has previously unsuccessfully tried the same thing with a Human/Pig Chimeras Embryo. According to a report in the Spanish Newspaper, El País.


Ireland AM’s Alan Huges ( being ) unfair ( to ) Clampers.

The Irish motorists favourite institution for griping about, the dreaded parking clampers.  Are to be the focus of a countrywide inspection of parking zones by consultants at a cost of 150,000euro, by order of the National Transport Authority (NTA). Source Motoring Correspondent, Brien Hutton, Irish Independent, Monday, July 15, 2019.

In a follow-up piece, on Ireland AM’s show on the subject and various aspects of the conduct of said Clampers, Alan Huges specifically stated that it was an unfair practice of  clampers when a person’s time had expired, and that person went in pursuit of a ticket meter to pay for a new ticket to place on the vehicle and extend their time at that parking space, they would find that the clampers had, in Alan Huges view, unfair;ly clamped their vehicle.

Now, it actually says on the parking meter, that the maximum period you may pay for and remain in the given parking space is 3 hours (with some exceptions), after which period it is the legal  requirement that the vehicle must be moved by the driver from the parking  space, this is, of course, to ensure that others have an opportunity to avail of the very limited parking spaces available on the public thoroughfare, but of course some people consider their needs more important than others.  Whatever the flaws in the parking regulations and their implementation and enforcement, they are an effort at some sort of fairness for each and every motorist.

Dublin City Council cleans up.

Apparently,  Dublin City Council has launched a pilot program of cleaning weeds etc from the roadside kerbs and environs. A very worthwhile endeavour for multiple reasons with positive benefits to the local community and the wider City.                              Speaking to Dublin City Council about this pilot program, streetdogs the word on the street is given to understand that the response to this pilot program is being monitored before it is considered for further development in its scope.                                                      So folks if your area has benefited from this pilot program of tiding roadside kerbs and you like what you see happening outside your front door and wish for it to be happening on a continuous basis, then make your views know to Dublin City Council, by text, phone, email etc.


Fair City, Faux pas and Taxi myths.

On Sunday,  June 30th, RTE’s Fair City episode included a scene, where an intending taxi passenger approaching the line of taxis was invited by the driver of the taxi at the back of the line of taxis to enter his taxi. whereupon as she, the intending passenger was accepting the invitation and was about to enter that taxi, she was ordered and directed by other taxi operatives to take the first taxi at the rank, an instruction she complied with!!

Now while there were other issues in this episode, such as an unlicensed Taxi Driver, the particular scene referred to,  contains and perpetuates a deeply cherished taxi drivers myth and false public perception, that an intending taxi passenger is obliged to take the first taxi at the front of a taxi rank, this is not the actual legal situation, rather it is the intending passengers lawful right to select any taxi plying for hire at a Taxi Rank (Stand) regardless of whether or not it’s the first, fifth or last one in the line of taxis at the rank. Further, it is an offence for such a taxi driver to refuse to accept the fare simply because of not being the first taxi at the rank, for which the said taxi driver could be subject to serious penalties!!  Now one thinks if Fair City’s scriptwriters are going to develop a storyline involving the legalities of taxi drivers and taxi/cab companies manner and ways of conducting themselves, perhaps a little research and actual public information on the subject might be a good idea!! It’s surprising the usually vocal Taxi Industry has not had something to say or is the meter ticking?





















Maria Bailey’s Knight Errant hoisted upon her own Petard!!!

After the posting of Streetdogs.Blog the word on the street, commentary on the Maria Bailey ‘s  “swing saga” the word on the street, was given to musing just when would some brave public figure, and which one, would step forward on their white charger and speak in defence of the besieged Lady. And upsteps Clinical Psychotherapist, and former Fine Gael election candidate, Stephanie Regan.

Now, Stephanie Regan, states, her concern ” in this context was with the continuous public shaming and vilification of the individual and the impact on their mental health ”  And her belief and concern that the online criticism had gone too far, which considering her professional credentials is a very understandable viewpoint and observation. But guess what happens next, why of course as par for the course the brave lady herself is subjected to attack for having the gall to speak up. and say, ” I believe that we need to have a line and a code when it comes to how we treat each other in this very public space ”

Kevin Doyle writing in the Irish Independent,  Saturday 8th June 2019, with apparently great pleasure informs it’s readers, that Stephanie Regan has accepted part of the tweet was ” an awkward  reference to the compensation culture in Ireland ” “not my best writing and it made my point badly ”  “but accept and apologise for the wrong inference  that could be drawn from it and take responsibility for the clumsiness of the English”

Well, fair play to the Lady, for having the courage to speak up publicly for  an individual vilified in the press and online media, and then having an act of the even greater courage to explain herself, and make such apologies as  she, the lady herself felt was appropriate to those lacking in understanding of the  true meaning and import of her message!!

Drumhead Court Marshall, Grand Inquisition, Fine Gael or Fine Mess, Dun Laoghaire and Donegal? the word on the street, observes Kevin Doyle, somewhat gleefully writes in the Irish Independent, Friday,  May 31st. 2019, an article concerning Fine Gael’s pending investigation into TD Maria Bailey’s compensation claim. Apparently, Taoiseach and Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar, wants Senior Counsel David Kennedy to compile a file on the whole controversy.

Apparently, this gentleman is to establish what is alleged to have happened at the premise involved on the night in question, He is then to be charged with the task of establishing how a personal injuries claim came to be initiated, then dropped.

Kevin Doyle himself after   proudly stating that “the Irish Independent has done much of the heavy lifting for him (  David Kennedy SC ) ” goes on to suggest that Maria Bailey should be required, to be ” outlining who she thinks was behind ” a methodical” and “well-orchestrated ” emergence of media reports  ”  pre-planned to cause maximum damage”                                                                                                                                                      After this Our Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar is to determine if there was any justification in Maria Bailey’s case in the first place!!! Is there not something wrong with this process? Which on the face of it appears as a complete farce at best and a serious abuse of the individual’s rights under our constitution and the usurping of the role and functions of our courts, by certain self-serving individuals and organisations. A very slippery road.

Meanwhile, in Donegal,  Frank McBreaty, ex-Fine Gael local Councillor, now independent, having resigned his party membership over alleged bullying of him and his family, is threatening legal proceedings against Fine Gael Party for alleged Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and, an allegedly stated intent by him to make Donegal County Council unworkable. ( source:-  Daniel McConnell, Political Editor,  Irish Examiner, Sunday 02 June 2019.)

Did we say something about farcical?