When in Rome.

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Now there are a few interesting aspects to this; One great one is that the lady in question is, as/are have many non-nationals, now learning Irish.

However, somethings less than pleasant, also strike one. If I am staying in a hotel in Paris, am I to assume that the French people around me, are speaking French to exclude me from understanding them? Or should I consider , as I do, they are in their own country, speaking the language they and their friends are comfortable with?

Also one wonders why or what gives this person a belief they have a right to an interest and understanding in the private conversations of relative strangers?

Is this another version of “To Hell or Connacht”” Native speakers locked in cupboards? There again there was a Bartender sacked in Temple Bar, because, a non Irish speaker took offence at said Bartender speaking Irish to a friend who had called into the bar. Third Class Citizen, Gee it feels like The DUP, have successfully invaded!


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Before commenting on Irish public figures adversely commenting on President Michael D. Higgins. It’s worth pointing out in respect of one of the main issues, namely, the formal manner of addressing an office holder; The DUP, and other Unionist are well versed in the absolute necessity when being “Presented” (note Presented, not introduced) to their Monarch, to be addressing the same as; “Your Majesty” and ‘Ma’Ma. One doesn’t think there’s a single Unionist/Loyalist/Royalist, who even dare to think that the formal manner of addressing their Monarch is of little consequence. So, would one not expect that they would ensure to treat, what they consider a Foreign Dignity with equal respect as to their correct title?

TV3 “News” Garth Brooks new PR crew; And saving Leo’s bacon?

Is, not a bit rich, to find the main item on TV3 news, two days on the trot, is Garth Brooks batting for 5 in a row, in Croke Park. Strange that there appears to be, a very distinct campaign by the station to promote the idea of the 5 going ahead. Even bring the future Taoiseach into such promoting of the venture. Rather like the carry on previously resorted to. A lovely distraction for Leo, from Merriongate!

An absent friend during COVID- 19.

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Back in the day, as they say. (Not That so long ago, I might say: lol.) As I stood at the bathroom wash-hand basin doing my preparations, for privileging the wider world with my presence; Through the door would often come the voice of my mother. “DON’T FOTGET TO USE THE NAIL BRUSH, AND GET THE GERMS AND DIRT OUT FROM UNDER YOUR NAILS!”

One has to wonder, why in these COVID- 19 times, as we are all advised on the need to wash and clean our hands at every turn! Why is my mother’s advice redundant? Anyone care to enlighten?

The Ship of a New world order, sets sail thanks to Bush, Blair, Trump and Biden.

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After, the debacle of defeat and ignominious retreat (orderly planned withdrawal?). To the ending of a 20 year war and occupation of Afghanistan: Following hot on the heals of the mess in Libya. (let’s not talk of Vietnam or Korea.) How do, The United States of America’s , current allies -clients, and rivals, view their future with this new America?

Well, today, it’s reported (Daily Mail), China, set 19 nuclear Bombers and fighter planes through the airspace of Taiwan; Taiwan, is of course, a semi protective of The United States of America. As is Japan.
During the week, Europeans; Were talking of European armed force, self-reliant, and independent, in policy, to that of the United States of America.

A semi socialist style of government involvement, in the affairs of the citizens and individual States are emerging in The United States of America, to which, even the GOP, is selectively subscribing. These are going to have be paid for. Trump’s, message to American business to return home and create jobs and wealth and pay taxes. The later which are being favourable reduced for American business. Has not been lost on the ears of the Democrats! America’s gain is going to be someone else’s loss.

The Penny (sorry the $) drops! The new democracy isolation of the USA, Biden style.

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So, how Trump and Biden, have with, post Afghanistan, so dramatically changed the world view. Slowly becomes clear.

Allegedly, according to President Biden, America is going to cease “major military intervention and occupation” of other countries in an effort to change such potential needful societies: Needful that is, of politically correct attitudes etc to America.

Apparently EU leading personalities are meeting today to bring about the closer of the EU’s borders to any Afghans, who might be fleeing from what is consider by the said EU , as an inhumane regime, with the exception of course of “worthy Afghans”.

Top Military Leaders and successful Bank Robbers; …What do they have in common?

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Well now any capable Bank Robber; will tell you, that planning how to get in there and committing the heist is the easy part of the enterprise. The really clever and important part, is planning for getting out of there in one piece with the objective secured, the loot, that is! This is a topic of discussion in every major prison in the world.

One would have thought, that this principle of planning an exit Strategy and the required construct of appropriate tactics to achieve the accomplishment of this; Would be a standard at Westpoint Military Academy?

Recent events suggest otherwise. Twenty years of casing the joint, then having to scraper empty handed; Criminal really!

Closing Day on Domestic Violence; Why did you stay? A victim’s response!

This was written by one victim, who had having been told by another victim; That said other victim’s COUNSELLOR, asked her “BUT WHY DID YOU STAY?”.

This was then read out by that second lady at the closing day of the groups sessions.

Powerful expression of a victim’s mindset, in prose.