Sinn Féin, The Constitution of this our Irish Republic. Fianna Fáil, Éamon de Valera, & the Free State Oath of Allegiance

Fianna Fáil and others question Sinn Féin’s allegiance to the Constitution of this Irish Republic and quote instead of their adherence to 1916 Proclamation of an Irish Republic.

Strange that Fianna Fáil spokespeople especially, neglect to remember (or maybe they do, and that’s what frightens them). The actions of The principle founding member of their party, one Éamon de Valera’s conduct in respect of the Oath of Allegiance to the Irish Free State and the King Of The United Kingdom! A bit of historical revisionism?

OAP’s, be afraid, the Daleks are coming for you and your home!

Listening to the news today on the Radio Station, Q102, ((the more music less talk station). the word on the street was astounded to hear a member of a Local Authority Council, propagate the notion of a policy to eject OAP’s from their homes and place them in one room bedsits and/or co-living accommodation, and most particularly to do so forcibly against their wishes and with total disregard to the individual’s needs and quality of life!

This, of course, is the ideal solution to social housing and homelessness problems, not created by those about to be victimised, but by the very kind of people, supposedly public-minded representatives of our caring society! Who, for their own career interests, sacrifice one group of citizens for the sake of another, instead of creating a real solution to problems. Rather like reducing disability funding by millions and giving the same amount in “NEW FUNDING” to the dysfunctional FAI.

And just in case you had not noticed, euthanasia is on the way here, (Just ask Ian O’Doherty).


IMG_0669This photo above has been submitted to the word on the street, by a distressed reader, who relates a lousy experience the reader had in a Dublin,  HSE, Local Clinic recently.

The reader is a regular patient in this particular clinic for minor ongoing treatment for some small wounds. On the said specific day in question, a new senior staff member assisted by a nursing student was present to deliver our reader’s treatment.

Now our reader has a non-English language name. This senior staff member on checking our reader’s file,  “DEMANDED TO BE TOLD THE PATIENT’S PROPER NAME IN ENGLISH” when our reader said they had no other name than the one written on their file, the senior member of staff continued with her demands. The student in an attempt to try and stem the hostile atmosphere in the room,  Interjecting to address the senior member of staff, by commenting to her,  that the patient’s name was their name! The senior member of staff became aggressive and turned to snarl at the patient. As you can imagine the patient, our reader left the room less than happy!

Now it so happens that the notice pictured above is located on the corridor wall, outside of the room where all this took place, located directly left of the door giving access to the said room. Our reader was so irate at the abuse and insulting attitude they had experienced from this senior staff member, that they took a photo of it,  for the purpose of further action about a  complaint to the HSE. And as the person in question had failed to identify themselves, our reader was forced to ask others who this senior nurse was.

You might notice what is said in the first two boxes in the column headed PERSONAL.     Also, the third box in the column headed WITH COLLEAGUES, well, the student certainly tried to do so, and congratulations to her, perhaps the master could learn from the pupil? And then there is the first box in the column entitled, WITH PATIENTS AND SERVICE USERS.  Obviously, none of this was read by the person who was treating our reader, the PATIENT! the word on the street awaits to hear further developments from our reader.



image_e11f5559-9dcb-4495-8f90-e5cb5b8c4df0.img_0668Well, Ghost Rider, you may indeed have a valid question there, We are told recently by Micheál Martin, leader of Fianna Fáil. His party cannot fulfil any previously stated intent to bring legislation, for a National Emergency Rent Freeze, based on legal advice, to do so would be unconstitutional. Seems one law for Landlords (something like 20% of TD’s, of all party’s and none are Landords, several with many multiples of properties in the rental market) and another law for Taxi Drivers. Should someone test this?