The Duvet wars. Dispatches .

I was my dear readers, on this my first true blog, considering opening you up to the wisdom of my solutions to seriously Grave world matters, Britex, Catalan Independence!

However, while doing the weekly chore of changing my bedding, it struck me that the most urgent matter to discuss is the topic of the changing of the Duvet cover.I do not know about you but for me, this is a serious struggle, which I am often in danger of losing!!

Now I ask you, why do we even need a Duvet cover ????

Surely it’s not beyond the intelligence of the producers of Duvets to produce a Duvet with fancy patterns printed onto the exterior surface of the Duvet, so that I and others like me, can wash just one item a week instead of two!!!!

I would be interested to know if other people would like to see such a product on sale, Please feel free to comment on this idea, as to for or against.

Duvet producers remember my CopyRights in this issue






17 thoughts on “The Duvet wars. Dispatches .”

  1. You know what 😁 I was keep wondering the same. Like I really hate changing the duvet cover but it’s still something I do every 2nd week.
    Very well written


    1. Thank you Laura for the comment, it helps to know my first blog can be seen. glad you liked it and that you could identify with the subject matter. look forward to viewing your blog soon.


  2. The only problem with the Duvet with the fancy designs on is………….if its a king size, 13.5 tog winter duvet it wont fit in my washing machine! I’m not paying to have it dry cleaned every week!!
    I have honed my ‘changing the duvet skill set’ to a fine art by now……I use the 4 corner technique……which works quite well……and all I need after is a shower and a strong alcoholic beverage and I’m good to go!


    1. Hi Valarie. Sorry for the delay in thanking you for viewing and commenting on Duvet Wars dispatch,
      have taken note of them and adjusted my wording in Duvet Wars in Brief to take account of them.
      As to the strong alcholic beverage , I owe you one ! thanks again , regards Séamus.


  3. I think having a cover on your duvet is for hygiene reasons!? And as previous comment by Valerie. Having a king size duvet cleaned every week really isn’t practical. It takes me minutes to put my duvet cover back on, just wash inside out and then when putting back on grab two corners of duvet n two corners of top of inside out duvet cover and just pull up duvet cover over duvet. It’s easy!; with practice of course.
    Ps if you don’t want to use a cover, put a flat sheet between you n duvet when sleeping it will at least keep one side of your duvet clean. Patricia


    1. Hi Patricia. Thanks for leaving a comment and offering such good advice.
      Hygiene is exactly one reason why I would wish to dispense with the seperate
      cover, without losing the attractive design element!

      I wash my Duvet every week, do not on hygiene reasons see value in washing
      Duvet less frequently than the cover, if cover has dust mites , cast off human skin ,
      human sweat etc., these will have passed through the cover and into the Duvet.

      Also I have found most washing machines and dryers cannot handle both Duvet and cover as seperate items in the same load, without everything ending up in a
      messy knotted ball, hence seperate wash and drying loads ! I therefore would wish
      to avoid on economic and time saving grounds, having to deal with a seperate cover.
      Now while my proposal may not suit all situations and all people, I think it has some
      merit in relation to childrens bedding , singles in apartments , people with limited mobilty and others etc.
      As it happens I have just viewed another site, Little sea bear, would recommend
      everyone to view it.

      once again thanks for your comments and advice, look foreward to your response.


  4. I’m enjoying the duvet wars. Duvets were supposed to make bed making easier but I suppose like lots of things, cars , food portions, beds in Ireland got bigger and bigger, hence the need for bigger duvets and covers!


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