The Duvet Wars – in brief

On the 5th of October 2017. While making my bed, and thinking about what subject to blog, on my first ever blog, It occurred to me, that I should write about an idea I have had for some time, To wit, the problems and struggles of the ritual of changing the Duvet cover! And the task of laundering the Duvet and the Duvet cover separately!

Now I am of the belief that in general there is no good logical reason why every type of  Duvet, needs a separate cover, which has to be changed and laundered separately from the Duvet every time. The answer seems to me that in general, most Duvets could come with a printed pattern on the exterior, removing the need for a separate cover and separate laundering of each!

On the 19th of October 2017. I have seen on TruTv, an advert for a company’s product/service, which plays on the very subject of the drawbacks of separate Duvet covers. In this advert, a man is shown changing a Duvet cover. He is given congratulations and high praise for having for the very first time, finally successfully changing his Duvet cover!

This prompted me to contact two Irish Duvet Producers by email.                                Pownall & Hampson (Ireland Limited) and Feathers Factory Outlet. (Feather Textiles).Directing them to my blogs on Duvet Wars and the Idea of printed Duvets. I can not,t at this moment in time report any response from either company, may have to take this idea out of this country for success! Producers, of course, are reminded of my copyrights in the issue of this idea.

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