The Labour Party Moves In With Me! House and Home The Way Forward

Would it not be a fair observation to say, that the  Labour  Party’s new Private Members Bill  ( Homeless Families ) Bill 2017, which recognises the rights and needs of Homeless Children.                                                                                                                                                  Is but a rolling development of my proposal of the  28th December 2015, to provide each child born in the State, Statuary  Housing Rights, as reproduced below.                                                                                                                                                                                            There are many proposals and ideas for solving the current Housing problems, And yes, While it is vital to make progress on the many issues that affect and create this current situation. May I suggest that we should be looking at how to prevent, as much as is possible, repeats of these problems, into the future.

On 28th. December 2015. I posted a straightforward idea on Twitter.

That is, I proposed, that the Government should, one year after a child’s birth, in the State, Open a dedicated Bank account in that child’s sole name, for the explicit purpose and expressed restricted use, to the providing that child with dedicated funds. To be realised too that named child at age 25, in respect of enabling that person to secure their independent housing needs.

Now I did say that this is a straightforward idea and we all know, nothing is ever that simple. Still, I do believe this idea is feasible and would fit nicely into a Constitutional Right to a Home, as is being proposed as a Referendum Amendment, by many people and various organisations concerned with the current crisis.

I would welcome comments as to, for and against this idea.


5 thoughts on “The Labour Party Moves In With Me! House and Home The Way Forward”

  1. The housing situation is totally getting out of hand. I work in the city center of Dublin and take a walk daily during my lunch break. Now what shocked me was the number of vacant building that were boarded up. The amount of land laying idle all around the city and other areas around large industrial land just sitting there. They are building houses but again most of them are out of reach of the average earner. In the short term why are they not looking at building affordable housing like the Log cabin type of houses. These are quick to build and a lot cheaper. Yes I agree with your comment regarding future housing problems but we have an urgent need to sort the current problem.


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