House and Home The Way Forward 2nd

Reading  Jennifer Thompson’s,  (Social  Policy Development Officer at St. Vincent de Paul)  essay in the Sunday Independent , 19th, November 2017,  on of all pages, ANALYSIS , page 23, supposedly discussing “, Now is  the time to make having  a home a Constitutional Right “. a  person cannot but shudder at the  thought of a carbon copy of  the British  Britex referendum farce!

This was a golden opportunity to put foreward a clear proposal as to what would be meant by the right to having a home , for the State & Goverment, the public, the individual Citizen. How it would be implemented in the immediate moment, the short , intermediate and long term future? Will it be totally universal to all people living in the State, or restricted to those who qualify as Citizens?  will a person born a millionare be as equally entitled as an unemployed person on the bread line?How would this Constitutional right to a home be funded,  what are the tax implications of this for every citizen,? from where are the Funds to achive the objective coming from?

It is reasonable for people to feel that those who claim to have concern for an issue of complex social,  economic and political outcomes, should address the issue of the foundations  of what is claimed as the answer  to those issues,Least we end up with a meaningless Constitutional right to a home!

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