An Dail Nua. A representative earthquake!

Now that we have just escaped a panic general election this side of Christmas, Perhaps, we could give some time before the next one, to consider, how democratic the process really is? And how it is suited to the requirements, interests and expectations, of this modern-day society!

To set the ball rolling, let’s consider just one particular aspect of public representation! To who do the individual Dail seats belong, the citizens, the political parties or the individual’s and their relatives?

Should a TD be really allowed to roll on, election after election, being the candidate for election to the Dail, for forty years or more, or should there be a restriction as to the number of consecutive terms a TD may serve  and if so, could this not be extended to Senators and the Office of An Uachtarán

Would this not be a suitable subject for the next round of  Referenda amendments?

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