Tesco Club Card: Revamp, Enhance, cut the waste !

As I walked into my local Tesco store today,  I realised, I had for the third consecutive visit, forgot to bring my Tesco discount vouchers, was giving out to myself for not putting them in my wallet but then said to myself why should I have to place paper vouchers in my wallet, when I already have a Tesco Club Card in my Wallet!

Surly Tesco could program that Tesco Club Card to deduct the Voucher value from my bill at the till when being scanned with my payment. As it happens my next port of call was to the local Topaz, where I refuelled my car, and along with my payment presented my Topaz Play or Park card, which credited me with the value of the purchase towards accumulating my points on the card towards future discounts, and simultaneously discounting the current valid discount from the current purchase cost being charged Now if  Topaz can achieve this, why not Tesco?

Now think of the savings in paper waste to Tesco itself.                                                        Remember standing behind a person at the Tesco Till, with an overflowing trolley, after every item has been scanned, this person is then having to sort out paper vouchers to hand to the cashier, who then has to scan each one, and some people have quite a lot this slows the till lines down no end, imagine this all being sorted with a Tesco Club Card automatically!! What’s this about  ” Every Little Helps ” This would also ensure customers did not lose out because vouchers passed use by date!   ( thanks to Helen from Carlow  for pointing  this aspect out to me).

Hopefully, when Tesco Management come to realise the value of this suggestion to, their customers, the environment, and Tesco’s own overheads, they will be nice and professional enough to credit this person and their blog with a nice thank you streetdogs.blog.






10 thoughts on “Tesco Club Card: Revamp, Enhance, cut the waste !”

  1. Yes I have on many occasions forgotten my vouchers having voucher value credited to ones card a great idea.
    Hence we would all avail of credits we’re due. Mmm.


  2. I agree..you should be able to use your clubcard instead of having to root out vouchers that end up being out of date when you finally remember to bring them….there motto is “every little helps” well this would help alot

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    1. Thank you Helen for your reading and your comment. and yes you are right about the out of date snag with vouchers, wish I had said that myself!!!


  3. Agreed. My Boots card earns me credit and on a regular basis, I can use it to pay for items. I think Tesco and others should follow suit. At least Tesco vouchers have some life. Supervalu vouchers have a very short lifespan. I never get to use them.


    1. Thanks Tessa for your comments , hmm, maybe we here at streetdogs.blog should have a look at both Boots and Supervalu in this regard


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