Is MyTaxi Making Sense of Your Cents?

A friend of my mine was talking to me about her Mytaxi credit card account, commenting that every time she orders a Taxi on the app. before the app allows the summoning of a Taxi, she is charged 50c. Not a great amount. The lady says, there was nothing in the terms & conditions when she signed up. And that this is being done without her consent!

Speaking to Taxi Drivers providing their service via the Mytaxi app, they say the 50c, charge is a charge sent out against the card before the provision of a service, to check the card is still valid and accepting Mytaxi charges,  and that this 50c charge is refunded to the customer’s account at the end of the processing of the fare on the credit card!

The lady claims, that she has not any 50c refunded to her account in all the time she has been using the app and that her account commenced the time that Halo began. In light of what the Taxi drivers with Mytaxi had to say about this, I suggested that she should complain to Mytaxi and invoice them for the total gross value of the outstanding non-refunded 50c. Her retort to this was,  Mytaxi were quite happy that all of their customers, would just let this matter go.

One is given to wonder, what view Mytaxi has on the sense this 50c  subject?, the word on the street, received a comment from a reader, NotAName who states that the 50c is refunded, but Mytaxi customers can expect this to take up to the three days to appear on their account!


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6 thoughts on “Is MyTaxi Making Sense of Your Cents?”

  1. Fair City is dreadful at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are copying other programs plots and story-lines

    Great idea re bank a/cs for children, would need a lot of research first though

    Taxi fifty cent rip-off doesn’t surprise me

    Great idea for Tesco, again research and investigation into all of it

    The duvet, brilliant idea. I hate changing the covers. Would we have to invent duvets that can change colour and design though or wait for them to wear out after all that washing????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Eileen for your comments! that Idea on the self changing colour/pattern, is a good one and actual possiable to achive, nice one!


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