Is it not very obvious that our new Democratic guardians (Citizens Assembly ) brief is less than a vehicle for significant democratic improvements and more in the vein of Rome’s elites bread and circus distractions of the masses!

How about this idea. That in this year of referendums fever, some thought might be given to the notion, that the seat occupied by a TD, is actually the property of the Citizens of the Nation, and not that of individual  TD’S, their families or Party!

Can it really be considered, truly democratically satisfactory for any given TD or their families to keep sway over the privilege of public representation for forty years? Surely the citizens of this modern progressive society would be best served by placing limits on the number of consecutive terms that a TD is allowed to serve!

Question is, do others see this as a suitable and desirable subject for a referendum, streetdogs.blog would welcome viewpoints from all persons interested in this and similar ideas, as to how to improve Public Representation, turkeys voting for Christmas are especially welcome!


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