streetdogs.blog, the word on the street,  having posted an item recently, concerning sexually explicit, and personally abusive messages, posted to a reader’s Facebook page,  has evoked some consideration as to how Facebook could provide a means for it users, to be protecting themselves from such intrusive messages, in the form of a personally controlled firewall, allocated to each individual Facebook account, permitting each individual Facebook user, to set parameters for rejecting, certain words and phrases in a given context, in respect of each incoming post to their timeline /page!

Now it has been pointed out that,if a person is a standard or ordinary member of certain online dating sites, you are not permitted to exchange details, such as phone numbers .email addresses,  or arrange for meet up details,  with other members of the site, if you are detected by the dating site breaking these restrictions, you are suspended by the online dating site !  Word Recognition Software, is the system used by the online dating sites to monitor their user’s texts between each other!

Now surely Facebook, with all its technologies, know-how and resources, should have no problems being able to develop and provide to each individual Facebook user their own personally controlled, Word Recognition systems software!



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