Kevin Sharkey for President! Racism or Chauvinism or 0pportunism?

The Tonight show on TV3, with  Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates, 11pm, Tuesday 3rd April. Featuring a potential Presidential Candidate, one Kevin Sharkey, was very interesting and entertaining, possibly even informative! One of the entertaining moments was the paradox of a member of a party whose title translates as” our selves alone, “refuting the chauvinistic aspirations of the potential Presidential Candidate who was echoing American President Donal Trump’s battle cry, “our land, our people first”

Having seen Kevin Sharkey previously on a chat show, sporting a jersey emblazoned with the legend ” I AM A RACIST ” and then stating that this was not to be interpreted as considering others being of an inferior status but a wish to promote Ireland and the Irish first in national policies! One is given to wondering does this person have the understanding of the very considerable difference in meaning of those two frequently abused words chauvinist and Racist, and if not, is such a person of the caliber required to represent Ireland on the international stage! Or is this progressing on the principle, there is no such thing as bad publicity on the road to celebrity status?

Encouraging aspects of the various verbal exchanges ( one could hardly say debates ), were hearing some of the guests speaking of and advocating somethings, about how our so-called Democracy could and should be reformed, such as reducing the team of office of the President, and with a compulsory election for the office! The regular readers of this, the word on the street are familiar  with streetdogs, blog, the word on the street advocacy of change and reform  of the election of Candidates for Public Office,  including  a limitation on the number  of  consecutive terms a person may be permitted to stand for election and hold office  as a TD! Again it was encouraging to have some of the panel stating that the time was ripe for a conversation on the style and mechanisms of our Democracy!



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