CITIZENS ASSEMBLY – FIXED DAIL TERMS & DEMOCRATIC PARAGONS & SHANE ROSS! the word on the street, wishes to congratulate Shane Ross, on his success in promoting to the Citizens Assembly a proposal to advocate a Constitutional Referendum for an amendment ,  setting a fixed term for the lifespan of a Dáil term of office  and other than in certain  exceptional circumstances, restricting the powers of An Taoiseach to advise An Uachtarán na hÉireann to dissolve the Dáil and call a Dáil election !

The Nation and its Citizens are being given to understand that this in the interest of the expression of their democratic will as expressed in the outcome of the ballot that determined the distribution of seats in the relevant Dáil! That this actually radically empowers a small minority of TD’S beyond their elective mandate, seems not to be an issue for those whose personal interest is advanced by this proposition.

Now  while our  many Democratic Paragons are advocating  and promoting  multiple items supposed to empower the Citizens of  this State in the delivery of a truly Democratic process, strange to  say, these same paragons seem to be totally opposed to promoting the notion of a Constitutional limit to the number of  consecutive Dáil terms a person may hold and/or stand for election to. A cynical person might suggest that’s something that requires putting the interests of the Citizens Democratic empowerment above one’s own self-serving notions!

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