DEMOCRATS & TRUMP & RUSSIANS! – Ian O’Doherty on the Referendum campaigns and foreign interference states the pertinent issues !

Writing today in the Irish Independent in the comments section addressing the issues around the manner in which all sides conduct their campaigns in this forthcoming and previous  Referendums and elections, be they local or national, as also the issues surroundings alleged foreign interference by way of advertisements and commentary or financial contributions to influence the outcome in favour of one side or the other !

Ian O’Doherty puts forward very well the somewhat obvious observations concerning the never-ending hypocrisy of all sides in these campaigns as to the purity of their conduct and presentation of the issues as opposed to supposed misconduct and erroneous presentation of their opposition’s campaigning!

However, Ian O’Doherty puts very well the case in respect of the issues surrounding foreign advertising and comments attempting to influence voters decisions, that the complainers on all sides of the issue of the referendum subjects complaining of such foreign efforts should get over themselves and trust the intelligence of the electorate! the word on the street suggest that if he has not already done so, perhaps  Ian O’Doherty might turn his attention to addressing the same insightful observations to the Democrats in the USA  that these things are part of the new processes, and that they should likewise get over themselves!

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