Reading a front-page article by Phillip Ryan and Wayne O’Connor, in the Sunday Independent newspaper edition of 13 May 2018, an exposé of the situation existing in Leinster House were almost half of all TD’S are as individuals, each personally worth over a million euro primarily from the pockets of the electorate! the word on the street, has to ask the question, is this what the Irish Democratic Republic is really all about?
We have TD’S spending decades after decades in Leinster House at the expense of the electorate while they and their families spread their power and influence over the lives of Siobhán and Seán citizen, all-powerful and remote from them, rather like the Robber Barons of the middle ages and the disdainful Irish Ascendancy families of 19th century Ireland!

A Constitutional limit to the number of consecutive times a person may hold a Seat or indeed unsuccessfully stand for election to Leinster House would go a long way to reforming this problem, as would the provision of voters option to select NONE OF THE ABOVE on ballot papers.
But of course, Phillip Ryan and Wayne O’Connor exposé demonstrate very clearly why our so-called Democratic Representatives have no stomach for meaningful reform of Leinster House , a bit like the one about Turkeys and Christmas and Thanksgiving!

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