May you live in interesting times, is a supposed Chinese curse. Well, these are certainly interesting times here in this supposed Democratic Irish Republic! To start with, much to the discomfort of The New Ascendancy Barons discomfort and displeasure, it seems we may be yet having a Presidental election, not of the shoe-in type for the Establishment nominee but an actual contest of candidates of various talents, representative viewpoints, and social and political ambitions and objectives with their nominations, supported by those whom the Establishment considered suitably blinkered and muzzled!

Notice how new insights and commentary are being put forward as to how to be improving the way political and social access should be developing in this state! Such as limiting the tenure of the President to a single term and thereby requiring a compulsory Presidental election at the end of each Presidental term, as also to reducing the number of nominations required for a candidate, as also the nature and qualification sources of the nominations to widened the democratic mandate to the citizenry! Interesting times indeed.

Potential candidates, Gavin Duffy and Joan Freeman, Have both indicated that a single term of five years should be the ideal term of office for a President, as Joan Freeman so aptly stated ” each President respects the Ireland of its time”  perhaps she might also add the President also reflects the aspirations of the Ireland of its time! Gavin Duffy hits a very important aspect of the conduct of the Presidential Office, in that there is no public accountability as to the personal expenditure at the cost of the public purse and states his intention to render his to public scrutiny, should he be successful in his candidacy !

How interesting these ideas would be if applied to our TD’s.


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