Interesting times are gathering pace, TD Micheal Fitzmaurice, an independent, is asking TDs and Senators to lend their ears to the task of listening to potential Presidential candidates and subsequently giving somebody the required signatures to be placed on the ballot!

The important aspect of these endeavors by Micheal Fitzmaurice, and not for the first time,  is the expression in a true belief of what constitutes Democracy in action!                   Micheal Fitzmaurice states, ” I think it’s shameful that the political parties have tried to stagnate the whole thing. You don’t have to be backing or supporting someone just give them the opportunity to go,”

It would be nice if more Public Representatives had a broader definition of Democracy!     We need a broader base of those entitled to nominate potential Presidential Candidates as also Constitutionally obligatory  Presidential elections. Just to mention some desirable enhancements of our Democratic processes!


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