The true art of politics, knowing your priorities!

Well, here we are, in a housing crisis, a health service failing on a national scale in multiple sectors, School buildings falling apart, lack of services for special needs pupils,  inadequate home care services for the elderly and vulnerable citizens. which we are always been informed, is so, as there’s a lack of proper funds and that we must be careful not to place undue, further, future commitments on the Public purse!

Now have a guess what it is that all politicians of all  parties and political doctrines can all agree on as something that should be assured of all-party support in Dáil Éireann, why nothing is so important as accepting Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe’s intentions, to next march, enable the doubling of  the remuneration  ( and therefore consequently the pension entitlements) of local representatives, from euro 17,000, plus to euro 35,000 plus.. And of course Expenses accounts, all of which is, of course in addition to their income from other sources.

Anyone wish to comment?


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