Ireland Am, and non-stop Taxi Drivers!

One of the word on the street, readers, has commented on Ireland Am presenter Alan Huges various statements on Junior Minister, FG’s TD, Jim Daly’s proposal for the establishment of an Uber-style taxi service for rural areas, dubbed Ruxi, primarily ( but not exclusively ) to cater for aspects relating to rural pubs maintaining their business.

During the three presenters discussion of this item, Presenter Alan Huges had a little rant about experiencing difficulties with waving down Dublin Taxis with their Taxi sign light switched on. giving out that it was a common practice for  such Taxis to pass him by, and stating some reasons why he believed they were refusing  to stop, and stating they had no business in failing to stop for him, as they are providing a service  and are obliged to stop for him when he puts his hand out and they have their roof sign light on.

Our reader states that Alan Huges, along with many other members of the public have an incorrect  understanding in this regard, and states that a Taxi driving along the street with its light on is plying for hire on the public highway,  and when a member of the public puts their hand out for the taxi to stop, the driver has the right not to pull in and collect the said member of the public, however, if the driver does pull over having been waved down  by said member of the public, the driver is obliged  ( subject to certain exceptions ) to accept the fair.

Equally many members of the public are unaware that when they arrive at a Stand, a legal Taxi Rank,  and there are several taxis at the stand, then the member of the public is not obliged to take the first Taxi on the rank, but may walk along the line of ten Taxis and  select the eighth  Taxi, if that’s the one  they prefer the look of and that Taxi Driver is legally obliged to accept them as a fare ( subject to certain exceptions ), without regard to the presence of other taxis on the rank.

Anyone like to comment, Maybe Alan Huges?

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