Lawmaker Micheal Healy-Rae & Traffic Laws, But not for me, he says. I’m special!

Question for Minister Shane Ross and the many others concerned with various aspects of road safety, traffic management,  and the enforcing of driver compliance with all relevant aspects of the Road Traffic Acts, etc.

Considering there is video evidence, a public admission on various media venues and a pathetic abuse of the Irish Nurses & Midwives cause,  as a justification for Mr Healy Rae TD’s deliberate, premeditated breach of the legal sanctity of the Bus Lane on the M7.

Will any prosecution of said individual take place, as would occasion for any mere citizen?  Or can a person go rob a Bank and claim they did it in support of the Irish Nurses & Midwives pay dispute?  What would a Judge have to say about such a defence? Or as Mr Healy Rae TD, attempting to justify his behaviour on a  TV discussion panel, in effect said, “others do it, so it’s ok for me to do it, especially as my business and political concerns are more important than anyone else’s ”

Comments anyone?




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