Comic Relief for Minister Simon Harris. Children’s Hospital &Aircraft Carriers!

Amidst all Minister Simon Harris’s, woes about cost overruns and location suitability disputes, concerning the new National Children’s Hospital, Located at St. James Hospital.

Minister Simon Harris, might give himself a bit of comic relief and something to smile at,  by observing the comments of Micheal Portillo, speaking on the BBC program, This Week,  last night, Thursday, February, 14 th. Were Mr. Portillo, comments on the Royal Navy,  building three new Super Aircraft Carriers, which he suggests, cannot be deployed in any form of conflict situations,   as there are not enough surface ships in existence to protect these three New Super Aircraft Carriers from attack by enemy submarines, aircraft and surface ships,  meaning they can be torpedoed and bombed successfully out of existence by such enemy forces. Interesting don’t you think people?


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