Maria Bailey’s Knight Errant hoisted upon her own Petard!!!

After the posting of Streetdogs.Blog the word on the street, commentary on the Maria Bailey ‘s  “swing saga” the word on the street, was given to musing just when would some brave public figure, and which one, would step forward on their white charger and speak in defence of the besieged Lady. And upsteps Clinical Psychotherapist, and former Fine Gael election candidate, Stephanie Regan.

Now, Stephanie Regan, states, her concern ” in this context was with the continuous public shaming and vilification of the individual and the impact on their mental health ”  And her belief and concern that the online criticism had gone too far, which considering her professional credentials is a very understandable viewpoint and observation. But guess what happens next, why of course as par for the course the brave lady herself is subjected to attack for having the gall to speak up. and say, ” I believe that we need to have a line and a code when it comes to how we treat each other in this very public space ”

Kevin Doyle writing in the Irish Independent,  Saturday 8th June 2019, with apparently great pleasure informs it’s readers, that Stephanie Regan has accepted part of the tweet was ” an awkward  reference to the compensation culture in Ireland ” “not my best writing and it made my point badly ”  “but accept and apologise for the wrong inference  that could be drawn from it and take responsibility for the clumsiness of the English”

Well, fair play to the Lady, for having the courage to speak up publicly for  an individual vilified in the press and online media, and then having an act of the even greater courage to explain herself, and make such apologies as  she, the lady herself felt was appropriate to those lacking in understanding of the  true meaning and import of her message!!

2 thoughts on “Maria Bailey’s Knight Errant hoisted upon her own Petard!!!”

  1. In essence the lady paid great insult to all of those who were quite rightly compensated for genuine injuries to them selves or for deaths of relatives, damage to property etc at the hands of those who were being negligent or even malicious, equating them to chances and fraudsters. The question remains as to what hat she wears when she makes such comments, friend of Maria Bailey, Psychotherapist ( what does her regulatory body think of this behaviour) political pundit, regular member of public? Who protects the innocent from such clumsy and insulting comments?


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