Ireland AM’s Alan Huges ( being ) unfair ( to ) Clampers.

The Irish motorists favourite institution for griping about, the dreaded parking clampers.  Are to be the focus of a countrywide inspection of parking zones by consultants at a cost of 150,000euro, by order of the National Transport Authority (NTA). Source Motoring Correspondent, Brien Hutton, Irish Independent, Monday, July 15, 2019.

In a follow-up piece, on Ireland AM’s show on the subject and various aspects of the conduct of said Clampers, Alan Huges specifically stated that it was an unfair practice of  clampers when a person’s time had expired, and that person went in pursuit of a ticket meter to pay for a new ticket to place on the vehicle and extend their time at that parking space, they would find that the clampers had, in Alan Huges view, unfair;ly clamped their vehicle.

Now, it actually says on the parking meter, that the maximum period you may pay for and remain in the given parking space is 3 hours (with some exceptions), after which period it is the legal  requirement that the vehicle must be moved by the driver from the parking  space, this is, of course, to ensure that others have an opportunity to avail of the very limited parking spaces available on the public thoroughfare, but of course some people consider their needs more important than others.  Whatever the flaws in the parking regulations and their implementation and enforcement, they are an effort at some sort of fairness for each and every motorist.

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