Barry Cowan, Public expenditure spokesperson says, Let them eat cake! Sort of like you know who!

Apparently, according to Hugh O’Connell, Political Correspondent writing in the Irish Independent, there is a bit of a civil war taking place within the Fianna Fáil Party top dogs over the forthcoming Budget and the impact of Brexit on the Irish Economy. Hence we are told Social Protection spokesperson, Willie O’Dea states he would be “robustly” arguing for the same 5euro per week increase in welfare payments.

However, Barry Cowan Public expenditure spokesperson states “The least of our worries would be pensions” well of course if a person is a Senator. a TD, a Minister, a City Mayor, Local Councillor or Senior Civil Servant the least of your worries would indeed be your gold plated pension!! Hilariously in the same statement, our hero says that in “the potential for Armageddon is far too severe and it will be all hands on deck,  we must be focused on those areas  that are most vulnerable”

Exactly who does Barry Cowan think it is that are going to be the very first victims of the Armageddon, he envisions befalling the Irish economy and society, perhaps the Primates in Dublin Zoo?


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