Reading a report in the Irish Independent Monday, 26th August, by Farming Editor,  Margaret Donnelly, quoting comments in support of Irish Beef Farmers by the Head of SuperMac’s, CEO, Pat McDonagh Stating there far too few in charge of the beef sector, and promoting and calling for the farmers to act together and get more control of their industry and again today  Saturday, 31st August he is seen and heard on the news speaking in support of the Beef Farmers, stating that Beef Farmers are no better off with the price they receive for their product than they were 10 years ago, despite rising costs incurred by them in their industry.  Being a buyer of some 26,000 – 30,000 tons of Irish Meats, he is a person well placed and informed to pass comment on the just cause of Irish  Beef Farmers.

Now, the word on the street is given to wondering, will we sometime soon be seeing and hearing of moves by the Beef Farmers and a certain business person to open a joint enterprise rivalling the current Meat Processing plants and their controlling interests? Perhaps Bookmakers might like to start offering odds on this?


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