“All hands on deck” Barry Cowan (FF), YES to TD’s payrise of euro 1,654 pa. and NO to pensioners euro 260 pa. Noel Rock (FG) and Séamus Healy (IND), sing a different tune!

On August 22nd, we quoted Barry Cowan, Fianna Fáil Public expenditure spokesperson stating the view “the potential Armageddon is too severe and it will be all-hands-on-deck, we must focus on those areas that are most vulnerable” the least of our worries would be pensions”

Bearing in mind that a weekly pension increase of 5euro equals 260euro per year for an individual pensioner and the incoming salary increase for TDs is 1,654euro per year each  ( no productivity agreement required), this being the equivalent of giving 6 or 7 pensioners a 5euro increase per each TD, exactly whose hands will be on deck?

Nice to see that Noel Rock (FG) and Séamus Healy (IND) state an intent to decline to accept the said salary increase. Food for thought for Barry Cowan and others?

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