Irish Daily Star follows up with streetdogs. blog the word on the street (eventually!).

Nice to see, Terry McGeechan, belatedly Writing a commentary in the Irish Star today Monday 16th September on our political class of all hues stating that pensioners and other vulnerable citizens will be the least of their concerns with the effects of Britex being used as a justification to deny a 5euro hike in next month’s budget to various sectors of the population, while our TDs are being awarded 1,600euro a year pay rise at the start of this month, with a further hike in their pay next year. Very importantly pointing out that even those TDs who voluntarily decline one or both of these pay rises will not be losing out on the value impact said pay rises will have on their pensions.

Now while Terry McGeechan’s article is very well written and informative and well worth the read, Where has Terry McGeechan been for the last three weeks? On August 22nd we at the word on the street brought our readers attention to an article in the  Irish Independent by political correspondent, Hugh O’Connell reporting on the comments of Barry Cowan, that pensioners were of the least of his concerns in a Brexit Armageddon aftermath, while not being prepared to  consider revoking the TDs pay rise in the same scenario!!

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