A very simple basic question about Factory clocking- in-cards and your Dáil Éireann TD’s Fob usage?

How is it that a common ordinary person working in a factory or some other place of employment, who either on their own behalf or another persons behalf falsely used a clocking-in-card to obtain payment for a period of their own or someone else’s alleged presence, would find themselves subject to dismissal from their employment, if indeed they did not also face Criminal prosecution for Fraud and/or conspiracy to defraud. So whats different about TD’s ( We have yet to hear about Senators)s doing effectively the same thing? Perhaps TD Marie Bailey’s actions are not so bad after all, at least the Lady was putting her claim up for full examination by An Irish Court to decide any justification of her claim! Unlike the nod and wink and blind eye Carry- on- TD’s, involved in these activities.

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