POLLY PUT THE KETTLE ON. During a recent visit to a friend’s house during the boil water notice arising because of problems with the Leixlip plant, I noticed while sitting at the kitchen table, awaiting the offered cup of coffee, that my friend had two white electric kettles on the kitchen countertop. Naturally, in the interest of research, I asked my friend why this was so? Well, my friend said it was their way of dealing with two problems. First was the current boil water notice and the second was the issue of Limescale build up in the electic kettle, especially around the difficult to clean electric element in the kettle. My friend informed me that Tesco sells the white kettles that I was looking at, for 9euro each and Lemon juice for less than three euro, a total cost for the two kettles and the lemon juice of 22euro. Now what my friend was doing in killing two birds with one stone, was to leave the soiled kettle standing full with lemon juice and water to clean, then switching kettles around, to always have a clean one. On checking the kettle that had been cleaned this way, I was amazed at how bright, shiny new and clean the inside of the kettle was!! I thought this was a brilliant, inexpensive solution. What do you think readers, any comments or similar tips to share?

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