Is it not interesting that some members of some small rural communities, who express concern at the impact on local schools, housing, health facilities and other local services, that placing an Asylum seekers reception centre for a large number of people, relative to the actual size of the local population in their locality, are branded Racist. By various self-serving politicians, media personalities and those with vested interests in these matters. Now surely a Racist is a person who is of the belief that another person is less of a human being on the basis of that other person’s racial origins, culture and background?   Want a good example of this attitude, look up the Punch cartoons on the Irish. Are Irish people really of this belief?

Meanwhile, In Dublin’s fair city, Politicians, Business people and some local residents object to the locating of a facility for homeless men, on the basis that doing so will lower the tone of the area, and some of these homeless men will resort to begging, to the distress of all the said complainants.  And guess what the facility for homeless men is cancelled!!! No one is even suggesting anything like calling those complainants, self-serving snobs or Racist!

Of course in all of these things wild accusations of someone else’s motives and behaviour, conveniently ignores that at the root of both these issues is the failure of our so-called democratic society to provide for all its citizens’ basic human rights. Notice we do not specifically blame the current government but the system operated by multiple interests.

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