The glorious 12th. Mary Lou McDonald’s drumbeat hits the right chord. So what about the RIC farce? Might she give some people the same kind of advice?

Hugh O’Connell, Political Correspondent,  reports in the Irish Independent, today, Thursday, 09, inst. That prior to the current controversy over the now postponed commemoration of the Royal Irish Constabulary and the Dublin Metropolitan Police, and Sinn Féin and others calling for it to be cancelled.

Speaking in respect of an all Island celebration of the 12th July, Battle of the Boyne,1690. Mary Lou McDonald is quoted as saying, I will tell you how we do it, we do it by having them (Unionists) front and centre in the conversation and asking them.

Pity, some people involved in the RIC controversy, did not bring all stakeholders of that issue, front and centre and ask them?  Also, the RIC was a 32 county all Island organisation, who’s membership spanned several cultural, political and religious divides!   So why is it appropriate that any commemoration of the RIC, is simply and solely the exclusive propriety of the State, the establishment of which that organisation opposed?

And by the way for the benefit of certain commentators, of all hues, we all understand      ( at least most of us do) that many Individuals in the RIC, as in many castigated organisations, were ordinary and principled human beings, regardless of the nature and conduct of the organisation in which they operated on a daily basis. That it seems needs to be said, but it’s somewhat stating the obvious.

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