First, let us say, streetdogs.blog the word on the street, are no ardent admires of the British Royal Family or of any given member of that institution.

Now in respect of the Harry and Megan “Megexit saga” one is given to thinking that there is a lot of double standards and hypocrisy being spewed by members of the “Royal”  establishment and the media and other commentators.

Yes. The planned UDI announced by the couple may not be perfect in every detail, and yes they may be speaking out of both sides of their own mouths in regards to being fully independent in the initial stages of their journey along the Yellow Brick Road. However, has not many a son, leaving the family home, assured his doting mother, we will always be there for you, by the way, can you give us a hand with the deposit? Sure you can come to visit the children anytime (but do phone first).

Double standards. The Royals collectively and with all their multiple hangers-on of various ranks and status, occupations and media commentators,  who were only too delighted when Harry went and got himself  “a cool chick”. A young, non-national, with a successful self-made presence on the international stage (so to speak), a non-caucasian, photogenic lady. Which of course was and is seen as an excellent aid to the Royal Family’s and it’s,  the establishment efforts to have a public image of being “Modern, inclusive, progressive and moving with the times”!

And what has the action, comments and conduct of members of the Royal Family, the establishment, the Media, commentators and Royal followers actually demonstrated?  That far from being modern, progressive, liberal, up to date in their thinking, behaviour attitudes and beliefs, but rather that they are still stuck in an elitist believe in their right to own and control other people, and especially so of women!

Did they think, that a vibrant, highly motivated, successful, 38-year-old woman, who has overcome many obstacles and hurdles to have achieved for herself so much, would indeed be going to sit by the turf fire and stir the soup for her mother-in-law’s family? And what of Harry himself? Is he not being true to his marriage vows to honour and respect his bride, and doing so as a modern man, In a partnership of equals? Lead on McDuff!!!


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