Q102 News, protesting Free/Now Taxi, Taxi Drivers and streetdogs tweets.

While listening to the news today on the  Q102, less talk, more music station at 5 pm. It was great to hear that tweets by streetdogs.blog the word on the street concerning a picture in the Irish Independent, had an impact on the Taxi Drivers spokesperson, When they (said taxi drivers) were protesting outside the offices of the Taxi app company Free/Now Taxi, today.                                                                                                In that, in respect of the said picture of the driver’s previous demonstration placards remonstrating about a 3% increase in the commission charged against the drivers as mentioned above, following on tweets by streetdogs the word on the street in respect of this photo and the stated 3% increase.  streedogs.blog  the word on the street, via its Twitter account (Yes folks we do have one), pointed out to the drivers that a rise from 12% to 15% is not a 3% rise but a rise of 25% on the original charge of 12% commission charged to the drivers by Free/Now Taxis.  It was great to hear today the said taxi driver’s spokesperson correcting the given impression of a 3% rise and stating that it is, in fact, a 25% rise in the commission charge.                                                                                                                          Now compare this to a proposed increase in taxi fares due this year of 4.5%, seems Free/Now Taxis are a bit like politicians, things are given with one hand, and someone takes them and more back with another hand!

One thought on “Q102 News, protesting Free/Now Taxi, Taxi Drivers and streetdogs tweets.”

  1. You do know people, (that is drivers with that Taxi app?).
    That there are more things in respect of charges by this app coming down the line!!
    Be prepared to be stung.
    They move like a Butterfly, but they sting like a wasp.
    (A Bee, will generally die after it stings you, unlike a Wasp,
    Which can and will sting you, over and over again).
    Perhaps this should be this Taxi Drivers app’s business motto in respect of its app for Taxi Drivers?


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