Now, Gene Kerrigan, was that a typo, a Freudian slip or a man out of season?

Gene Kerrigan, writing in the Soapbox column on the back page of the Sunday Independent, today, has written a great article centring on the General Election, party politics and (some) candidates and political debates on the tv.

This is, as is always the case from Gene Kerrigan, a great article to be recommended as worthwhile reading, regardless of your own political leanings, and we do so recommend. people to read it.—However, we here at the word on the street, have to ask of Gene Kerrigan, about a line he has penned.  “FGFF LTD ( & Sons)”. At first, we thought this must be a typo, but it’s written there twice.  This causes us to ask, in this the said  “FGFF ( LTD )”,  are there no daughters, sisters, wives, nieces,  aunties, grannies, sister- laws? As we say this seems in these days of gender equality and the famous “pc”, to be a strange omission to be made by such a Professional Journalist so widely read and who’s opinion is so respected by so many female readers.  So is this the proverbial Freudian Slip, ( an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings )? a simple case of the dreaded “TYPO”?  ( which we here at the word on the street, are as guilty as anyone, no ones that perfect, well that’s our excuse), or a thing to be dreaded by a Professional Journalist, being “a man out of season”?


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