“They also serve who stand and wait”. A viable, active, effective opposition, is as an essential component of “A Parliamentary Democracy” as is the “Elected Government.”

In this forthcoming election, Saturday, 8th, February 2020  To elect a new Government, voters might be mindful of how valuable and important their vote is, to them, the Nation, the State and Society. Most notably the value of each individual voter’s single transferable vote. And as to how each individual voter makes use of it.

And yes, we are all, streetdogs.blog the word on the street included, going to give our significant preferences to those we consider the best possible people to form a Government. Willing and determined to enhance this, Our Irish Democracy And it’s society, selfishly, in the interest of all the people of this State.

But as we move down the lists of candidates, we also need to be mindful of the importance of a viable, capable, competent, active Opposition’s presence In Dáil Éireann. Thus, we need to be conscious of the importance of our “lesser preferences”, in the forming of such a Constitutional Opposition, whatever it’s constituent parts. People also need to be aware, that merely voting for the Candidate(s), that is your actual preference, is not the best and most effective way to use one’s single transferable vote. Not to continue on down the full list of candidates, is to waste the inherent value of your single Transferable Vote. And may have as a significant effect on the outcome in the return of a competent and capable opposition. As it could in the election of a stable government majority.

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