OAP’s, be afraid, the Daleks are coming for you and your home!

Listening to the news today on the Radio Station, Q102, ((the more music less talk station).  streetdogs.blog the word on the street was astounded to hear a member of a Local Authority Council, propagate the notion of a policy to eject OAP’s from their homes and place them in one room bedsits and/or co-living accommodation, and most particularly to do so forcibly against their wishes and with total disregard to the individual’s needs and quality of life!

This, of course, is the ideal solution to social housing and homelessness problems, not created by those about to be victimised, but by the very kind of people, supposedly public-minded representatives of our caring society! Who, for their own career interests, sacrifice one group of citizens for the sake of another, instead of creating a real solution to problems. Rather like reducing disability funding by millions and giving the same amount in “NEW FUNDING” to the dysfunctional FAI.

And just in case you had not noticed, euthanasia is on the way here, (Just ask Ian O’Doherty).

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