In this new environment of political deadlock arising from an inconclusive General Election result, might it not be worthwhile to consider a new electoral format for forming a government?

When we all go to the polling booth to elect our local TD, to represent us in Dáil Éireann, we have absolutely no idea how this will of its self impact on the formation of a government!

Perhaps we could consider a two-tier format for General Elections. That is to say to hold an election for returning local TD’s, then separately hold a vote to determine the actual Government, and to empower a particular Party or combination of Party groups to be the that Government, based on an agreed and a published statement of that Party or the combination of such a joint Party groups agenda for Government.

This would be somewhat in the style of French Presidential Elections, which under Article 7 of the French Constitution,  requires if no Candidate secures an absolute majority in a first-round ballot, then a second ballot takes place. This is, of course, a simplified explanation of the French Presidential Election process. At least this way we would know what kind of Government we are actually going to get!

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