An Enlightened Irish Democracy. French Gáteau and/or a Swiss Roll?

Given the outcome of the recent Dáil Éireann, General  Election. And the likelihood that future such elections are as likely to a similar result. The potential formation of a Government. Comprising of Partys supported of nothing more, significant than 30%  of the actual votes cast in the said election!   Surely the Constitution of this State should provide its citizens with some measure of protection from the execution of extreme policies legislated by such minorities, be they of the far right or the far left, or whatever combination?

Is this possible you ask, are there any examples to go by?  Well, the answer is, yes, there is! The Swiss have what is referred to as a  Direct Democracy.  Consider the provision in the Swiss Constitution for “an Optional Referendum” where Parliament passes an act, which Swiss Citizens object to! IMG_0696

Now imagine how the Anti-water Charges protesters and others would use that one!

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