Duel controls is a particular feature of learning with a driving instructor. These duel controls currently simple give to the instructor, the ability to over-ride the learner driver’s use of the clutch and brake/ acceleration, however, it is quite simple to attach duel controls on the steering wheel as well.

Were Driving Schools to be compelled to fit these additional controls, Along with a screen between the learner driver and the Driving Instructor/Driving Tester? Then social distance protocol can be maintained during driving lessons and driving tests, with equally safe driving experiences for all concerned, including the public!IMG_0795

It would, of course, have requirements passed, that all driving tests take place in such vehicles.  While Shane Ross quotes social distance requirements in respect of driving testers, there seems to be no such concern in regards of driving instructors, who are commonly close to their pupils for at least an hour or more!

And as we are continually being told, Covit19 is going to be here quite a few years yet! Now that’s a lot of driving lesson hours and a lot of driving tests, Shane!

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