Irish Democracy. Thought of the day (and till the end of days) ……………….. Ride pony ride!

Well, here we go again. Almost heading towards some sort of relieving from Covit19 and its tragic outcomes for some many people who lost their lives, and those who mourn them. As well the ordinary citizens and small businesses of  all types, whose financial, economic, social and employment prospects maybe damaged for years to come, if not actually permanently!

So, what are the signs and omens for the politics of this so called democracy in this new national experience? Three months on from the General Election of 2020,  it seems that a government will be formed, with a programme for Government that will be determined by a group of people and  parties  some of whom barely scrapped through in their triumph with just 7:1% of the vote of 62:9% of the total valid votes! Which of course is not is not 7:1% of the total electorate . Some individuals Td’s  of course  won’t  have even achieved that percentage.

Then guess what, this cobbled together program will be put not to the nation’s voters, but to the small click of certain party members for their approval. This apparently is true democracy in action. The majority vote for one thing and are presented with a horse of  a different colour to take them for a ride!



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