How easily the most glaring of facts in this tragic story is ignored by all and sundry. These two parents who JOINTLY made a DELIBERATE, CONSCIOUS  DECISION TO WILFULLY ABANDON THEIR three toddlers under the age of four years, alone in a strange hotel bedroom. They MERRILY WINED AND DINED themselves with their friends, for hours well out of sight and hearing of the room in which they had so RECKLESSLY walked away from and their now vulnerable and defenceless infants.

Both, of these people, are qualified medical professionals, there is certainly no lack of intelligence, training and guidelines in their lives in respect of the legalities of the meaning of “duty of care”!

There was a babysitting service available to them from the hotel services, but despite this, they made the decision to leave their children alone.

In British law, if a British Citizen, commits actions abroad, which are chargeable offences in Britain, that person may be on their return to Britain, charged with such said offences.

Question. Are child abandonment, reckless endangerment, wilful neglect, not chargeable offences under British law?





Had these two people engaged the use of the hotel’s babysitting service and used a babysitter,  and should that babysitter have left those three children alone for fifteen minutes to pop to a shop, and the same tragedy occurred. You can bet your life these two people and the authorities would have demanded that babysitter’s head on a plate, citing amongst other things, the laws and rules concerning duties of care regarding “loco parentis”.  Seems such statutes and obligations don’t apply to the actual parents, or at least not these two.


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