McAlpine’s Fusiliers, Where are you now when we need you? asks Irish Water.

Here we go again, an island surrounded by seas and oceans, (yes we know that’s the definition of an island!). An island with  70,000km of waterways contained in 3,192 river water bodies, yet once again Irish Water announces a hosepipe ban.

You would imagine that it’s a relatively straightforward engineering feat to interconnect all of these various waterways in an interconnective circuit, permitting the transfer of water from any part of the island to another part of the island. We are not talking about Dublin centred Shannon water transfer project, which basically ignores the equal importance of water supplies to all communities in all parts of the state!

And let us also not forget that converting seawater to drinking water, is something that’s already being achieved in other parts of the world. Directly connecting such a seawater converter to the freshwater interconnector at various points around our coasts, would also be an advantages project.waterfalls-1373786 (1)

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