Is streetdogs the word on the street to become – chiens de rue, la rumeur du quartier?

three-red-apples-on-wooden-surface-1510392While reading an article in the Irish Independent, Friday, July 17th. By Jason O’Mahoney, in the comment pages. We observed to our great amusement his use of the expression, “the proverbial canines on the boulevards”, which prompted us to consider a more exotic title for our page. But as one entertainer was given to say, seriously folks.

Jason O’Mahoney’s article on the reactions etc. to the European Court’ ruling on Ireland and Apple,  is a brilliantly crafted piece of the wordsmiths’ art, hitting so many sacred cows where it hurts!

We are not going to spoil our readers’ pleasure by reiterating its content here, but instead, recommend all to read it. ….. But just for tasters, Jason O’Mahoney does pose a question concerning “how many homeless charity CEOs do we actually have in a country of five million people?” Lead on McDuff!

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