What has Mary Lou McDonald got against left-handed people?

woman-in-red-long-sleeve-shirt-looking-at-her-laptop-3765132In these days of people being pc about the sensitivities of minorities of every type, how comes it’s ok for Mary Lou  McDonald to use an expression that demeans left-handers?

We refer of course to her use of the expression “cack-handed” in respect of the Government’s new Green List. This is a deeply offensive term to left-handers! Is this acceptable parlimentary language for the unofficial leader of the Dáil opposition to castigate the Government parties? To demean approximately 10% of the world population, just to score a passing glory.

Perhaps she might make amends by attending  the Left Hand Festival, in the town of Mullingar, or elsewhere if Covid19 and the Green List permits! And if, of course some right hander hasn’t prohibited such dangerous gatherings.

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