Oxford English Dictionary; Miscalculate, to assess something wrongly. Misappropriate, taking something for your own, wrongfully! Can FREENOW TAXI APP take note? Remember This one?

numbers money calculating calculation
Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

As we here at streetdogs the word on the street,  are customers of the Free Now taxi app. And while paying by our card account,  are giving an automatic gratuity to the driver. (or so we thought). Imagine our surprise and displeasure to learn from some of these drivers, that we were, in fact, giving 15% of said gratuity to the Free Now business, and only 85% to the driver. This has been happening without our knowledge and consent, contrary to our wishes.

With the aid of the Oxford English Dictionary, we are endeavouring to find the appropriate description of the conduct involved in this transgression. Question is, would a member of the legal fraternity advise this as being an actionable tort?

We have recently been informed by one of our FreeNow Taxi Drivers. That The app is to stop charging commission on Tips at point of payment. It seems FreeNow Taxi claims to have been restoring the commission charged at point of payment at the end of each month, although some drivers dispute this.

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