2020 American Presidential Debate (or really a debacle?).

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Surely the most important and revealing moment in the first, of a series of The American Presidential 2020 election debates, lay in the former Vice President’s answer to final Question of that first debate?

Rather than taking this most valuable of spotlight moments to set out a clear and concise statement of how he would act, to enhance the future lives and well-being of all Americans. He instead used most of this great moment to talk, yet once again, about his opponent’s past failings.

Surly, for the American electorate, who already know how the current President acts, performs and conducts himself in that esteemed office, they must, most ardently yearn to hear a concise statement of what the alternative candidate advocates? They certainly did not get to hear that!

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