RTE News programs and readable subtitles, or not?

Photo by Burak K on Pexels.com

One is astounded to see, when watching RTE’s several news programs across their multiple TV stations, as when with subtitles on:- That when people are speaking English, their utterances are displayed in English subtitles ( but then, not always correctly). However, in the same news reports if a persons is speaking in Irish, an official language of The State, the only subtitles displayed about their utterances is the legend “speaks in Irish”. Apparently it is beyond the wits of RTE’s Executives and it’s technicians to give the same respect and equality of service, to all the nations citizens,But then, maybe ,they are just using this form of silencing of the national language to banish us all, “to Hell or Connacht”, or Connaught as Cromwell would have called it.

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