Covid-19. Sinn Féin, What a close encounter with serendipity in the 2020 General Election!

Photo by Michael Redmond on

As we all recall, had Sinn Féin, fielded a greater number of candidates in all areas, in the 2020 General Election. This country might well at this moment have a much different Government in power! One can imagine the great hair- pulling sessions that took place in the party’s inner circle as the pennies started dropping as to enormity of the lost chance.

Now ,instead, how much that mistake must seem like a blessing in disguise, an interception by serendipity, in this new world of Covid-19. Instead of having to enact far reaching social changing adjustments to Health, Social Welfare, the norms of society, the future budgets of the next ten years. Rather the party now has the buffer of maybe, four years to develop the their policies for the post Covid-19 world. Truly more than a touch of serendipity

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