Getting a handle on that baby thing-a-me-jig!


During the course of one of those “lock-down” type of conversations, were weird and wonderful subjects and ideas get pointlessly discussed. Someone commented on the problems of the standard height level of kitchen work-tops and table tops, if a person was vertically challenged in either direction.

This then turned to the observations of seeing people pushing babies around in a baby buggy/ carriage /pram/pushchair/stroller. Most particularly the sight of such a person being almost bent over double, as they push baby along the street, due to lack of suitable adjustments to the height level of the handle bars on the said baby carriage. Hardly good for the spine and/or the person’s posture.

So, this led us all to wondering, doe’s any such baby carriage , of any type, come fitted with height adjustable handles, exist? And if not, why not? Surely if we have the technology to journey to the stars etc, such a simple thing is do-able ?

Anybody care to advise/comment on this?

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