RTÉ’s abject volte face on free speech!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

How strange, RTÉ, along with many other news media sources throughout the world, and Europe in particular. Have reported on, and praised the French President’s defense of French media cartoons aimed at mocking the religious beliefs of members of the Islamic faith. The French President citing the importance of defending the rights of free speech, the independence of the press and of rights of secular beliefs; However, this does not apply in RTE’s case, it now seems, when it comes to certain peoples rights to free speech and secular beliefs. Seems its alright to offend some people but not others in the same way, sauce for the Goose and all that?

Now can you imagine how RTÉ News would report the comments of a certain Niall Frosach (an ancient Irish King), when asked by a young women, has to how comes she was now with-child: Even though she had never ever lay with a man!

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