Breaking News; Cupid’s Broken Bow! Cupid seeks, Covid19 Enterprise Support Grant for Small Businesses.

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Cupid has been talking to streetdogs the word on the street, about the serious down turn in the Romantic involvements business; Brought on by the Covid19 related lock down restrictions. Claiming that the love arrows are having serious problems overcoming social distance requirements. How it is more difficult to engage new people into romantic interactions, and how even couples who are involved with each other, but keep apart from each other by things like the 5k rule, find that small disagreements are so much harder to resolve by text messages etc, as these seem to have a blunting effect on Cupid’s arrow heads!

Cupid says that if the very important St Valentines Day of 2021, is to be of serious use in developing and maintaining serious romantic relationships; Then Cupid needs to obtain Government help to restart this important sector, and will be applying for an Enterprise Support Grant for Small Businesses.

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